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Sustainable, renewable products from biomass

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Fields of application:

Sustainable mobility

Sustainably produced renewable ethanol as a gasoline substitute is an answer to the future challenges of climate-friendly energy supply, especially in the transportation sector.

Thanks to our highly efficient production plants, our ethanol reduces CO2 emissions by an average of more than 78% across the entire value chain compared to fossil fuel.


Local products from the circular economy

Valuable wheat protein is used in the production of baked goods.

Textured wheat proteins are distributed in the vegan and vegetarian food market.

Our biogenic CO2 from ethanol production are valued in beverage production.


Valuable proteins

By maximising the value of the local raw material, we can obtain almost 1/2 million tonnes of protein-rich, GMO-free animal feed per year.

Biowanze thus makes an contribution to EuropeÔÇÖs local protein supply.


Flexible application possibilities

Our biogenic CO2 is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

A return to local agriculture

The ash from the biomass boiler fed with bran is a source of fertiliser from local raw materials, rich in phosphorus and potassium.

Our green fertiliser is used by two regional partners for the local agricultural sector.


On the road to carbon neutrality

90% of the energy consumed on our site is green, from certified renewable and local biomass.

Thanks to two biomass boilers, a high-efficiency cogeneration unit and continuous optimisation, Biowanze produces the electricity and steam needed to operate the entire plant.

Our vision: climate neutral production by 2050.


More about the sustainability of our biorefinery

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Innovation from Biomass

Green energy : 90% of the energy used for the operation of the site is produced internally by our innovative biomass boilers

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