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Our versatile product

Gluten Food

The production of renewable ethanol is only part of the sustainable nature of the business. A specific strength of Biowanze is the extraction of a natural component of wheat: gluten.

This protein is contained in the flour and recovered before the flour is used in the ethanol conversion process. These high added-value proteins are certified for human and animal consumption and distributed in the form of:

  • powder: for Food (bakery) and Feed (petfood)
  • pellets: for aquacutlure
  • textured: for vegetarian and vegan applications

High protein content

Due to its nutritional and technical properties, gluten is mainly used in food production and in special feeds, such as aquaculture and pet food.

In the food sector, gluten is used in particular to improve baked goods and as a binding agent.
Our customers appreciate the high protein content (> 80 %) as well as the special protein quality and viscoelastic properties of this International Food Standard (IFS) certified product.

This mechanically extracted natural wheat protein is a high added-value product manufactured locally at our Biowanze site, using non-GMO and local (mainly Belgian) raw materials.  Over 60,000 tonnes of gluten are produced at Biowanze every year, supplying a European market short of protein and replacing protein imports for human and animal feed.


When the grain is milled, wheat gluten is separated and dried. The product is distributed by BENEO, a subsidiary of Südzucker AG, under the brand name BeneoPro VWG.

BeneoPro W-Tex is also produced on the basis of gluten. The textured wheat protein meets the growing global demand for plant-based proteins for vegetarian food.


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