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Liquid non OGM protein substitutes for local cattle & pig farming



After distillation, BioWanze, extracts the liquid animal feed ProtiWanze┬« from the proteins and other components of the fermented feed wheat grain. These liquid proteins are sold on the animal feed market under the name ProtiWanze┬«. All raw material components are utilised. This feed is known as CDS (Concentrated Distillers' Solubles). The production diagram of BioWanze shows the manufacturing process of this feed, which is a local substitute for imported proteins used to feed European livestock.

Local liquid protein for cattle & pigs

ProiWanze┬«  is a valuable liquid feed for cattle and pigs with a high protein content. This product is marketed jointly with our distribution partners.

Biowanze is ideally situated on the Meuse from a logistical point of view, offers the possibility of distributing ProtiWanze® in the BENELUX market and the neighbouring German and French markets for liquid animal feed.

This product, derived from distillation residue, is made locally from local raw materials and replaces imported proteins used to feed our European livestock farms.

The following nutrient values can be calculated for use in animal feed:

Feed value parameters Proportion
Dry matter 26,3 %
pH-value 4,0 - 4,5 %
Summary per kg dry matter (DM)*
Crude ash 49 g
Crude fibre 35 g
Crude protein 294 g
Crude fat 59 g
Starch 35 g
Sugar 92 g
Calcium 1,8 g
Phosphorus (vP) 7,1 (6,0) g
Sodium 1,5 g
Potassium 15,7 g
Magnesium 2,1 g
Lysine (vLys) 13,5 (9,6) g
Methionine (vMet) 4,5 (3,6) g
Cystine (vCys) 4,9 (3,6) g
Threonine (vThr) 10,6 (6,8) g
Tryptophan (vTrp) 3,2 (2,3) g
Lactic acid 57 g
Glycerin 158 g
NDFom 193 g
ADFom 63 g
ADL 10 g
Feed values (per kg DM)*
NEL 9.0 MJ
ME (cattle) 13.81 MJ
UDP** 5 % 38 %
nXP 236 g
ME (pig) 15.3 MJ

* The values shown are guide values. The composition depends on the composition of the processed raw materials and is subject to minor natural fluctuations. ** in the rumen undegradable crude protein at 5 % rumen outflow rate per hour.


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