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Corporate Governance

Acting responsibly

Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is based on the values of Südzucker Group. The purpose is to ensure that everyone within the CropEnergies Group will live and act in accordance with these values and principles. The code is designed to give a broad and clear understanding of the conduct expected from all our employees everywhere we do business.

Code of conduct: Südzucker-Group Download (PDF, 511 KB)

Whistleblowing system

Reporting compliance issues

Compliance is of major importance for the entire CropEnergies Group. Only when rules are followed can the company, its employees and business partners be safeguarded against infringements and inappropriate behaviour.
Employees or business partners may become aware of incidents that do not comply with such rules. Information on such incidents can, as always, be reported directly to the relevant contact person within the company. If, however, employees or business partners have concerns but see no way of passing on their observations in person, a confidential, anonymous procedure can be used to report serious incidents.

CropEnergies Compliance Line

CropEnergies Compliance Line is an electronic communications platform, certified under data protection law, which can be used to report information directly to the Compliance Officer of CropEnergies AG.
To fulfil its function, CropEnergies Compliance Line must be used responsibly. It must not be misused to defame others or make false claims.
CropEnergies Compliance Line is not a customer line for product or service enquiries nor is it an emergency call line.

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