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At Biowanze, our mission is to be the most reliable partner for our customers, providing sustainable products made from biomass. Quality is at the heart of our commitment both in terms of food safety and compliance with specifications.

The quality of our raw materials: We attach great importance to the traceability and quality of the raw materials used at Biowanze. All our raw materials are certified and come exclusively from local agriculture. In addition, our laboratory ensure that each incoming raw material meets strict criteria.

The quality of our products: Our priority is to supply high-quality products that meet the requirements and specifications of our customers and partners on the European market. Quality control is integrated into every stage of our production and distribution process.

The quality of our procedures: Respect for the quality of our procedures is essential to ensure the safety and quality of our end products. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in all our operations.

Value Chain Quality: In line with the EU Renewable Energy Directive, our entire value chain, from raw material extraction to production and delivery, is certified sustainable. All our renewable ethanol plants are certified sustainable under at least one of the EU-recognised certification schemes and are audited annually.

Our certifications

FSSC 22000

FSSC 22000 certification, based on the ISO 22000 standard, combines the mutual requirements of distributors and manufacturers in terms of food safety (gluten powder and W-Tex).

Halal Certification

Halal certification guarantees that our products (gluten powder and W-Tex) comply with specifications that respect the precepts of Islam. Kosher Certification

Kosher certification is a document issued by certification agencies and the Grand Rabbinate of Israel, in which a rabbi certifies that our products (gluten powder, W-Tex and ethanol) comply with the biblical precepts of the Jewish religion in their manufacture.

GMP+ Certification

GMP+ certification is an international certification system that complies with European law on animal feed and the HACCP system concept, guaranteeing the quality and safety of animal feed (gluten powder and pellets, bran and Protiwanze®).

ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001 standard defines the requirements for implementing a quality management system in order to continuously improve customer satisfaction and supply compliant products.


REDcert is a certification system that enables us to prove that our biomass is sustainable.


Compliance with the sustainability requirements of the RED II directive for the production of electricity, heating and cooling from biomass.

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