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Health Safety

Health and safety at work

At Biowanze, we consider safety, health and well-being at work to be absolute priorities, not only for management, but for our entire valued team. Our corporate culture is anchored in the slogan "Safety first because you matter". We take preventive and corrective action to improve our facilities and working environment, ensuring a high level of safety for our employees and contractors.

The health and safety of our neighbours is also a key concern. We invest regularly to minimise nuisance for people living near our plant. Open dialogue with local residents and authorities is essential to resolving any problems quickly. In addition, we maintain an internal emergency plan in collaboration with the authorities and emergency services to ensure the safety of residents in our semi-rural environment.

The SMETA certification of our site attests to our commitment to safety, health and well-being.

"Safety First because you matter" is much more than a slogan; it's our internal culture and our social responsibility.